Tumbling drawings that I love and posting some of mine!


We can’t show off the film just yet, but here’s some work I did on fine tuning the character designs for our third year group film, Grounded.  We went for a more graphic style for the bunnies, and it required some thinking and cheating for rotating the head, ears, and whiskers.  Largely collaborated on the design with Alex Kolano and Margo Perrie.


Character design: Mascot Redesign!

Decided to redesign the famous Cheesasaurus Rex for Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese!
i was trying to go about drawing this as if its for a promotional poster or for the box its self (hence the long vertical format)

Had lots of fun (and difficulties) trying to make him NOT like his older images and something more “fun-sized” and still have a friendly “edge” to him for kids to like!  And good gawd drawing that cheese was a challenge……


School’s back in session, which means the return of Let’s Speak English!

This is number 25, and it’s the first longform story! I still get gleeful when I really think about this night. So many other little things happened that I couldn’t include, which might make it into strips later.

For instance, Shinoda, one of the guitarists, threw his pick into the crowd and I snatched it and was able to have him sign it. I also got a chance to talk to Wowaka briefly and have him sign a CD. Also 50 other things!!

If you like crazy indie rock, you can check out Hitorie’s videos on youtube. I believe they’re all available in America now!

And I’m sure I’ll see ya soon with plenty more goofy shenanigans in Japan!